The Slovenian Animated Film Association (www.dsaf.s) presented professional awards and prizes for the best study projects in the field of animated film at an event on 3 November, which took place this year via a webcast with the support of the Slovenian Film Center.

For the second time, the DSAF professional awards in the field of animated film were presented in three categories. With them, the association wants to highlight top authorial achievements and recognize the excellence and pervasiveness of the winners. Stan awards in the field of animated film were chosen by members of the society.

Recipients of the main professional awards of the Slovenian Animated Film Association for 2020 are Jernej Žmitek for directing for the project Maček Muri – Tekma (Invida, 2020), Matic Perčič for animation technique for the project Maček Muri – Tekma (Invida, 2020) and Leo Černic for artistic design for the project War of Words or Respectful Silence (Kinoatelje, 2020).


The DSAF awards and special mentions in the field of study projects were selected by an expert commission composed of authors and animators Anka Kočevar and Zarje Menart and producer Jure Vizjak. This year, the commission had to choose among the most registered completed study animated films so far, and they wrote: “As many as 13 authors with 14 works applied. We notice that the increased quality production is a combination of creativity of young authors and mentoring of professors at the Academy of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica and the Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana. We are pleased with the growth of young artists and their authorial potential.

The DSAF award for the completed study animated project for 2020 was received by Miha Reja for the study project Behind Closed Shutters (Academy of Arts, University of Nova Gorica), and three special mentions were awarded for completed study projects, all three also from the Academy of Art at the University of Nova Gorica, namely Jošt Šeško for the project Zemlječarstvo, Larisa Nagode for the project Elsie and Katarina Blažič for the project Five hours conversation.

The DSAF award for the study animated project in development was given to Amadeja Kribiš for the project Dysmorphia (Academy of Arts, University of Nova Gorica), and a special mention went to Sofia Kruglikova for the project Holes (Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana).

We are very proud!
Congratulations to all winners!