November 2022 ( 21. – 25.11.2022 ), University of Nova Gorica School of Arts

Participants were invited to dive into the world of experimental 2D and 3D animation, based in the open source Blender platform. Russian animator Sasha Svirsky uses a method of improvisation and challenges stereotypes in his animation:
»A central feature of my artistic method is spontaneity. The usage of a wide variety of techniques, such as mixing digital drawings, hand drawings on paper, photos, collage, and 3D, is a crucial feature of my artistic method. From this chaotic world, all sorts of unique features emerge and disappear. Movies I have made vary in style and theme. For me, a spontaneous game in making a film that is not bound by pre-existing rules is a way to reflect on the nature of freedom and how it can be manifested and exercised.«

His films were screened at countless festivals, incl. Berlinale Shorts in 2020, and 2021.
Since 2013 Sasha works in collaboration with his partner and wife Nadezhda Svirskaia. Together (and in collaboration with Eugen Fadeev) they also founded the Shcha5sec Festival – a micro-festival of animated films of up to 7 seconds long.

Participants: Matevž Jelenc, Karin Likar, Vanda Ljumović, Domen Sajovic, Melita Sandrin,
Tamara Taskova, Neda Ivanović, Anđelina Petrović, Wadha Amoor, Milan Bajčetić,
Dragana Stanković, Miha Reja, Brina Fekonja

Production: University of Nova Gorica School of Arts, GO! 2025, DSAF, Slovenski filmski center, JSKD, Animateka

Take a look at the results of the workshop:

Photos by Tina Smrekar and Neda Ivanović