The Goriška region and its ecology are the inspiration behind the exhibition by UNG Academy of Arts students titled “Composing Local Ecologies”, which is part of the ReThinkable cross-border festival of transformative economies and territorial communities.

Composing Local Ecologies

October 14, Xcenter, Delpinova Ulica 20, Nova Gorica

Authors (students): Kristian Petrovčič, Renee Stanič, Wadha Amoor, Milena Brkić, Jelena Cambj, Matevž Jelenc, Abiral Khadka, Tamara Kirina, Arta Kroni, Karin Likar, Vanda Ljumović, Ana Logar, Martin Lozej, Luka Mavrič, Nikita Meden, Tijana Mijušković, Roman Paxyutkin, Matej Rimanić, Domen Sajovic, Melita Sandrin, Una Savić, Filip Sluga, Tamara Taskova, Klara Vitkova, Maksimilian Zabukovec, Staš Zupanc.

Mentors: Jasna Hribernik, Kristina Pranjić, Peter Purg, Ana Sluga, Tadej Žnidarčič.

Photo by Renee Stanič

Following the Soča River, our ambitious photography student Renee Stanič explores the impact of photography on nature conservation by influencing human perception and behavior.

Kristian Petrovčič is a young creator with a passion for photography and video content, who in his work observes the impact of the environment on the development of society and vice versa – within a radius of 300 km from the center of Nova Gorica.

Photo by Kristian Petrovčič

The video piece “Taming the Forest” is a research-based group artwork providing interpretations of maps and archival correspondence observing the process of afforestation of the Kras that took place in the territory which (today) belongs to Slovenia and Italy.

A set of four videos promote art and science collaborations where through the study process students get to know the theory of promotional video strategies, which in practice they later discard, upgrade, question — and then look for new ways of narration.

Still from “Taming the Forest”

OCTOBER 20, 2022

Take a look at some moments from the opening of the exhibition: