Graphics by Anja Paternoster

October 13-14. 2022, Mostovna (Nova Gorica), Slovenia

OCT 07, 2022
OCT 17, 2022

First Crossings, grown as the young seed of the Tribute to a Vision festival, will soon take place in Nova Gorica once again. This year we were invited to participate in currating the UNG Academy of Arts students’ programme. Our student and aspiring young filmmaker Arta Kroni prepared a selection of 10 student films, which will be screened at the event.

The students, whose works we will proudly present at First Crossings are: Karin Likar, Ivana Kalc, Milena Brkić, Ana Prebil, Nika Karner, Martin Lozej, Domen Sajovic, Melita Sandrin, Blaž Štolar and Miha Reja.

Our ex-student Anja Paternoster is in charge of the event’s incredible graphic design, while our student Una Savić is actively participating in the festival’s promotion and organization. The First Crossings‘ selection of short films is currated by our alumni Sandra Jovanovska. We are delighted to see our students participating in various roles in order to bring this event to new heights!

(Karin Likar, 1’59”, 2022)
Time is a Physical Dimension 
(Ivana Kalc, 1’14”, 2021)
Meaning Experimental 
(Milena Brkić, 7’36”, 2022)
Evolution is the Right Solution (Ana Prebil, 4’48”, 2022)
A Bone to Pick With 
(Nika Karner, 3’38”, 2022)
Whispering Valley 
(Martin Lozej, 8’40”, 2022)
Last Laugh 
(Domen Sajovic, 2’46”, 2022)
(Melita Sandrin, 1’27”, 2022)
The Guest 
(Blaž Štolar, 23′, 2022)
(Miha Reja, 2022, 6′, Slovenija)

We are proud and excited to share that the animated film Kurent by our student Miha Reja made it to the competition program of First Crossings! Kurent was awarded at the 18th International Festival of Animated Film Animateka (2021.), and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it wil bring an another achievement for our student!

October 14. was a special day, because our wishes for Miha and his film came true! Krent won the audience choice award at this year’s First Crossings festival!

Enjoy looking at some photographs from the event (October 13-14, Mostovna, Nova Gorica):

Photo by Kinoatelje
Photo by Una Savić
Photo by Una Savić
Photo by Una Savić
Photo by Una Savić
Photo by Una Savić