Once again we are participating in the Pixxelpoint festival, this time with an exhibition in Gorizia, Italy.

10. – 26.11.2022. Agorè gallery, Corso Verdi 95, Gorizia, Italy

Our exhibition, inspired by the ”Heavenly garden”, will be on display togther with the works of UL ALUO students from Ljubljana – in the Agorè gallery in Italy. Our students Ivana Kalc, Milena Brkić and Vanda Ljumović will be exhibiting their works. Vanda’s photograph from the ”Heavenly garden” will be on display in large format.

”Pixxelpoint also features students, future intermedia artists who will present their latest transdisciplinary works. Intermedia is still a »neglected« artistic field in Slovenia and it badly needs young creators whose contribution to the development of science, art and technology will have a decisive impact on the acutely needed technological and creative breakthrough, in Slovenia and in the broader environment.” – from the festival catalogue

The exhibition was created under the leadership of Rene Rusjan, individual works were created under the mentorship of mentors: Jasna Hribernik, Boštjan Vrhovec, Valérie Wolf Gang and Rene Rusjan.

After the opening of our exhibition 10.11. we visited some exhibition spaces in Nova Gorica, which were part of the festival. We concluded the evening at the grand opening of Pixxelpoint in the Nova Gorica City Gallery.

Photos by Una Savić