As discussion about the body is becoming more common and open, it still seems that we avoid the word menstruation and prefer to understand it as “that time of the month”, or, for example, in Slovenia as “festival”, “aunt from Krvavec”, “tomato days”,… Although menstruation is a physiological phenomenon, it is also shaped by social regulations and cultural norms. In many societies, it is characterized by concepts such as pollution, danger and evil and it is not talked about. Because of silence, women feel the tangible consequences, including problems with diagnosing medical conditions and the slow elimination of menstrual poverty.
That is why the Academy of Arts University of Nova Gorica, together with Društvo Endozavest and Info Center ŠKUC is organizing an event where we will discuss social norms regarding the menstrual cycle and the female body.

»Blood is everywhere
and yet the one
the only
the single name
it has not had publicly
for many centuries
is menstrual blood.«

– Judy Grahn, All blood is menstrual blood, 1993

18. 12. 2022 at 10.00, ŠKUC, Stari Trg 21, Ljubljana

Participants: Valerie Wolf Gang, Dr. Renata Šribar, Mag. Tjaša Franko, Prof. Rene Rusjan, Mag. Hana Turšič, Kaja Dolenc in Društvo Endozavest.

Students: Arta Kroni, Tamara Kirina, Milena Brkić, Tamara Taskova and Maria Giurgea

10:00 Screening of short films with round table talk

At the round table, we will discuss the attitude towards menstruation in Slovenian society and give answers to many questions about menstruation that often arise between different generations.

  • Super Ultra (2008), Ana Grobler, 03:42 min
  • Menarchy, Meta Mežan, 03:27 min
  • Fešta (mocumentary), Arta Kroni, Tamara Kirina, Milena Brkić and Maria Giurgea (Academy of Arts University of Nova Gorica), 10 min
  • Sheela-na-gig (*candy dispenser, object) Maria Giurgea (Academy of Arts University of Nova Gorica), 5 min
  • Cyclical (video), Tamara Taskova (Academy of Arts University of Nova Gorica), 1:30 min

11:30-12.00 Tea party and informal gathering

For more information about the event, read here.