Photo by Rok Govednik

15. 12. 2022, dark wall in the UNG hall, Rožna Dolina

After going on a student exchange to Brussels, our student Aljaž Lavrič documented his experiences, which were not what he expected them to be. He will be opening his photography and photo-impression exhibition ˝Nothing To Write Home About˝ 15. 12. on our dark exhibition wall in the UNG hall in Rožna Dolina, after which a hang out with the author is organized.

“Through the photographs, Brussels is shown as a transitory city. Many people come there for work, school, family… but most of them are disappointed with the experience of the city. Many people think that the further you go to the north of Europe, you will find better living conditions, higher wages, better quality of education, and better life in general.” –Aljaž Lavrič

You are invited to the opening, where Aljaž will tell a little bit more about his experiences abroad.

Aljaž Lavrič, Photo by Rok Govednik