Pre-Present Sensitivities

Programme of short audio-visual works

Katarina Blažič (SI), Irena Gatej (SI), Sandra Jovanovska (MK), Ivana Kalc (HR), Aljaž Lavrič (SI), Boris T. Matić (HR), Anja Paternoster (SI), Ana Prebil (SI), Miha Reja (SI)

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, we always sought contact with our environment and also with ourselves, crossing the abstract, immaterial dimensions of this world, merging the past with the present, and thinking about the future beyond sensuality. But what will happen with the touch, with this “unsymbolizable scum of the real” as Žižek would say, which is spreading relations between reality-thoughts and evolving these days aside to voice and gaze. What else will we be able to touch, how will we feel now? Thus, sensitivity and touch in the post-corona period are increasingly intertwined with technology; when we lack sensation, we feel digital, when we crave closeness, there are electrical stimuli. What is/will be true love?
0 = same + ∞ = same.

Through pre-existing impressions of sensitivity, the student film programme questions the transience, limitation, silence, closeness, voice, touch, pleasure, fears, long before the arrival of the “new corona reality”, which threatens to engulf everything in us, and paralyze even more uncertain future.

Katarina Blažič, Five Hour Conversation, 2020, 5’

Five Hour Conversation explores a blind person’s view of the world from their own perspective. The short was made based on an interview with Tommy Edison (blind since birth). How do blind people make new friends? How do they live their day to day life? What characteristics do they sense in other people? What can we learn from people like Tommy Edison? Turns out, a lot. The film is prepared appropriate for blind or visually impaired persons (colours, shapes, lines).

Sandra Jovanovska, Soma, 2019, 9’

The butcher gets the taxidermist hooked on his drugs, which he offers an alleged cure for the taxidermist’s disease. The taxidermist becomes a junkie and gives away the most precious love to the butcher in exchange for more drugs. After realizing what he did, he goes to take what belongs to him, but the path ahead is a one way journey.

Irena Gatej, Drive, a Poem for my Father, 2018, 13’

While driving his car, a man is thinking about his father’s passing. He is mourning his loss, but at the same time he is analyzing his relationship with other people in his life. My wish was to articulate my feelings from the same lifetime experience. His car is his most intimate, personal space, the path he’s taking, though scarry and frightening, is meditative. It allows the viewer to feel the pain and the weight of the feelings, trought which the main character is going.

Anja Paternoster, White, Black and True Love, 2021, 5’

Not every love story is the same. Some are tragic others stunning. But there is always hope even when the movie ends.

Miha Reja, Behind Closed Shutters, 2020, 3’

A grumpy monster, portraying itself to the world as a human, is trapped in an endless cycle. He works constantly and has no free time. After work, he goes to a club…

Ana Prebil, Smoker’s Delight, 2020, 2’

“A smoke break” that takes us on a colorful journey of metamorphosis.

Aljaž Lavrič, Silence, 2021, 3’

Compositions that represent spaces of my childhood, but these places are now empty or abandoned due to ordered isolation of the people.

Ivana Kalc, Lazarus, 2021, 24’

When you enter a place which you thought was the dream come true, how do you ever leave such place? And more important question, how do you find the exit?

Boris T. Matić, Fear, 2020, 4’

Fear is an intense and unpleasant negative feeling that a person experiences when he sees or expects danger, whether it is real or unreal. It occurs in the middle of perceiving or expecting a real or imagined danger or a serious threat. It is a primary emotion just like happiness or sadness.