Komiža New Media Port 2


Just like last year the School of Arts participated in the Komiža New Media Port (Video Vortex Summer School) international gathering in Komiža on the island of Vis, Croatia, July 7-15, 2012. Lead by renowned artists Dan Oki and Dalibor Martinis the summer school joined 24 students and mentors from 6 art schools (Zagreb, Brighton, Reka, Gent, Split, Nova Gorica) in an 8-day multi-process of workshops, research-based productions, conceptual experimentation, and good fun.

In close interaction within the culturally and disciplinary motley summer school community, and with the community of Komiža as a significant topos itself, VŠU-UNG was represented by students Jaka Žilavec and Peter Mišic as well as mentor dr. pETER Purg, engaged in several collaborative creations:

The Panic” short video was shot in underground army bunkers above Komiža by Jaka Žilavec, Gildo Bavčević, Peter MIšic and Peter Purg

The Return of Neptun” video work by pETER Purg is a site-specific piece framed into a mini-performance and installation situation of 4:29, looping an a 22″screen with headphones and 2 carafes on each side, gradually filled up by author/performer with port seawater, brought in with a sardine tin can. The piece is a topical and site-specific development from the “Catharsis of Neptun” performance-based installation from the 2011 edition of the Komiža New Media Port.

To follow soon: Jaka’s VISaVIS video reflection of the whole summer school and Peter’s postapocalyptic thriller (Troller?). Plus Ivan’s edit of the “Percussionists of the Square Table” performance, and there’s more goodies to come. Tune in to our Komiža New media Port online video album.

+ do browse through the image gallery column>left (click on any image to open litebox gallery) with a balanced blend of Peter’s and pETER’s photos.

Stay tuned for more stuff from Komiža NMP 2012, materials will be added here as they come online…

The School’s next year’s participation will be connected to the piloting of the “Studio” module of the Media Arts and Practices MA programme for the ADRIART project.

Last but not least, pETER&Peter’s blogging from Komiža went like this:
Sweet, but short

Peter Mišic
 07/16/2012 – 22:53
Here we go, the last blog in the #KNMP 2012 series. Two days late because of all the partying after the exhibition and because I fell asleep behind the computer on the night of our return.
The Return of Neptun

Peter Purg
 07/14/2012 – 12:32
..the heat is rising, rising slowly..
..productionwise, weatherwise, premierwise.. ..all soaring towards a KNMP-brand guaranteed social hangover after tonight’s farewell — and its probable extensions at the Kamenice beach..
…moje oči

jaka zilavec /a posteriori/ 07/23/2012 – 13:18
jutru polnem žvrgoljadi sem se najprej prebudil tako, da nisem vedel da sem se prebudil. Ob odprtju okna na prečudovit razgled, (Soba z razgledom ) sem najprej pomislil kaj me (nas) še čaka.
Chocolate salty troll

Peter Mišic 07/14/2012 – 10:06
Yeah I know I’m late with this blog, but after two dinners a meeting and bar kidnapping I just wasn’t able to get back to the computer to write it. So here you have it, morning edition for the previous day.
Olive oil + tomato sauce = blood
Peter Mišic
 07/13/2012 – 01:08
Like you have probably deducted from my previous posts we headed out to the island in the morning, this time with two boats, for it was time to shoot the scenes where the two fishermen are in the boat.
The god in the wall
Peter Mišic
   07/12/2012 – 01:48
The writing of these blogs is being done later and later and the writing is becoming harder and harder. Should take a break from all the daytime activities for a bit before I burn out.
sklopi oči skidaj sliku

Peter Purg 07/11/2012 – 14:22
..cicadas still echoing in my head, but this time I won’t let them take over my blogging syntax, promised. and I swear to get economic with doubledotting. although the multi-layered creation and production flow here /…/

komiža skozi …
jaka zilavec /a posteriori/  07/23/2012 – 04:33

blogosfera blog št.1 & 2 & many more …
Space radiation
Peter Mišic 07/11/2012 – 01:14
The morning started with another filming session on our tiny island and it went smoothly apart from a few stray tourists wandering on the set. Well, until we had to leave that is. At that point we received information that there’s no boat coming /…/
Tiny island, tiny lighthouse
 Mišic 07/10/2012 – 00:27
With the morning ritual firmly establish (jog+ swim), we began a new day. This morning I went with the film crew on a scouting expedition to the small island where the short film will be shot, and when I say small, I really mean it./…/
the stream of cicadas
Peter Purg
   07/09/2012 – 14:42
hi all, this is an ad hoc entry, from beneath of a scorching sunroof at 35C.. I hardly managed to get online in a bar here, called “speed” our anual KNMP headquarters.. it’s lousy internet weather again in whole komiža, we’re mostly offline, the tramontana wind /…/
Post window

 Mišic 07/09/2012 – 00:26
Well, we survived the windows ordeal without too much harm done, and we even got a place that might have internet (if we manage to get the password to the wireless). After having moved all the equipment to the Galerija (double locked doors /…/
Morning surprises

 Mišic   07/08/2012 – 13:17

Well, when I wrote yesterday that new adventures await I sure wasn’t expecting something like this. It seems someone broke all four windows on our workshop room during the night, which of course gave us quite the scare /…/
Ljubljana to Portorož…em…Komiža

Peter Mišic
 07/08/2012 – 12:38
Time to invade Komiža. Last check-up of the personal equipment for the mission ahead. Everything was a-ok. Hopped downstairs and waited for pickup. Pickup was late, but that was to be expected. When Jaka finally arrived in his gangster white Renault 19, it was time for operation Tetris /…/

(official poster of the 2012 KNMP, by DIna Rain and Ivan Radović)