Nayari Castillo-Rutz, Helene Thümmel
workshop: 06.-10. 11. 2017
at Carinarnica, Nova Gorica/

The usage of public space shades lights on the political positioning of the governing power of a place, but it also gives information about the impressions, necessities and demands of its inhabitants. Many cities and towns are constructed over the impossibility and the forbidden; inaccessible spaces, defensive architecture, privatized areas among other semantic walls, are part of the daily encounter towards public places. How can we pervert the course of action of the increasingly close systems that impose cleanliness and standard behavior in order to generate tolerant, inclusive spaces for being and flourish? How can we construct tools against impositions and policing in order to foster environments of freedom? This workshop will elaborate on the idea of micro-resistance by generating intervention tools/situations, which create ways for fluidizing public space and voicing marginalized discourses. Looking for non-confrontational artistic strategies, the idea is to react with response-ability in a society that requires new languages, approaches and systems for the good./

“Micro-resistances” are understood as small gestures, interventions or actions that counteract unequal, politically incorrect, hegemonic, sexists, undermining and unfair positions prevalent in daily frequency. These minimal acts structure a constant and fastidious method against injustice.

Co-organizers: Playground Studio, Akademija umetnosti Univerze v Novi Gorici, Carinarnica