The Slovenian Film Center, in cooperation with the Slovenian Film Database, traditionally presents the creativity of Slovenian female filmmakers with a special screening on International Women’s Day. With the aim of introducing a new generation of young directors of photography and filmmakers, who are just entering the world of professional filmmaking, the BSF website will broadcast study exercises created in the past two years. This year’s list of films includes two projects by our students – Zbulimi, a film by Arta Kroni and I reflect, a film by Tamara Kirina. You can read more on the BSF page HERE.

FILMS WILL BE AVAILABLE TO VIEW FROM 7. 3. 2023 FROM 20:00 TO 9. 3. 2023 UNTIL 24:00

Still from the film Zbulimi, directed by Arta Kroni. Read more about the film production HERE.

Still from the film I reflect, directed by Tamara Kirina. Read more about the film production HERE.