Tamara Kostrevc, a student of the Media Arts and Practices program at the UNG School of Arts, is the author of one of the best student intermedia projects of the MFRU 2023 festival! The festival took place in Maribor, Slovenia and Tamara’s project titled Can you feel it won third place:

“Tamara Kostrevc’s artwork, Can You Feel It was recognised by the jury as a compelling exploration of the contemporary zeitgeist. The presented artistic practice delves into interpersonal relationships within the context of social anxiety. The work informs the visitor about living with anxiety disorders and, in doing so, encourages them to establish an empathic distance towards others. Formally, the theme is addressed through an audio-visual installation that modulates the intensity of the presentation based on the participant’s pulse feedback, resulting in an exchange of audio-visual information between the visitor and the artwork. The involvement of the audience in a participatory immersive experience allows for a circulation of perspectives. Through the lens of experiencing intimate emotions, it offers the establishment of a mutual alliance and opens possibilities for interaction.”
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Can you feel it? UNG AU Semester show, May 2023