PAIC – Participatory Art for Invisible Communities

2018, 2017, 2016

Duration (2,5 years): 01.05.2016 – 31.10.2018

– (leading partner) Omnimedia, Zagreb/Komiža (Croatia)
– Akademija umetnosti Univerze v Novi Gorici / University of Nova Gorica School of Arts
– ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies (Spain)
– Sorø Kunstmuseum (Denmark)

About the project:
“Participatory Art for Invisible Communities” involves 4 partners from different EU countries in the development of multidisciplinary and multimedia participatory art activities with the ambition to “artistically instigate social change in deprived, alienated, isolated or remote communities”. The artists from various countries will be invited to work in different locations (Komiza, Vis, Croatia; El Remei in Vic city and neighbourhood, l’Herm in Manlleu town and neighbourhood, Spain; Nova Gorica Slovenia;Soro, Denmark).The creative activities are meant to become relevant to future cultural policies in relation to the targeted communities, and to enrich identity and cultural capacity of people in those communities.

1.    ESSENCE·        to provide unique and enriching artistic and creative experiences for as many people as possible·        to improve right of access to culture and creative works·        to develop new way of thinking about art at the intersection of society

2.    INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATIVE OBJECTIVE·        to create transnational collaborative cultural space and an ARTISTIC PLATFORM for mobilizing deprived communities toward social, cultural and economic development boosted by innovation and creativity·        to reveal and reinforce the synergies that arise as a result of cross-disciplinary collaboration, making best use of learning opportunities present before, during, and after  cultural and artistic experiences

3.    NATIONAL OBJECTIVE·        to increase communities’ knowledge of the heritage and museums within their local cultural region helping them to become engaged and critical users and thereby enrich people’s identity and their cultural capacity development.·        to create alternative space to understand, reflect upon and challenge the invisibility and stigma attached to deprived communities

Method:Through the synergy of culture, creativity, art and education the new tools will be created and implemented that promote and encourage the creativity of individuals as a means for social actions and raise their aspirations and achievements. These tools will develop social, cultural and intellectual capacities and competencies of the target groups and beneficiaries and enable them to become culturally and socially competent and creative thinkers and creators, capable of developing a culture that is able to survive – renewable culture. 
Št. projekta / porject number: 2015-1545/001-001
Projekt je sofinanciran v programu Ustvarjalna Evropa (Kultura).
Project is co-financed within the Creative Europe (Culture) programme.

photo by Daša Sirk, Ramon Parramon, Peter Purg, et al