Kicking off the second learning activity of the EmindS project, where 30 students and mentors from 8 countries are tackling mind-boggling challenges of the European futures — from cross-border transport and fair work cafes that are both mindful of disabled people, to lawyer-service sharing websites and foodie apps. Innovative projects and solutions will be presented on Friday, 13-12-19 at 11.30 to the public — all happening at the exDaimond future “Centre of Creative Practices” where EmindS found its home for the week, in the very centre of Nova Gorica, Slovenia, kindly trusted to University of Nova Gorica School of Arts and the EmindS project by the Nova Gorica Municipality, partnered also by Arctur d.o.o. and the partners of the EmindS consortium from Finand, Austria, Cyprus and Greece.

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