We did many things in the winter semester 2019/2020. The freshmen were getting to know what is animated film, photography and how a simple film set is run, while more experienced students dived into animating with director Michael Frei, touched object photography and met many interesting authors and artists alongside of the Pixxelpoint festival and the MAST Symposium. But foremost – we moved! The visitors thus joined usat the inaugaural Semester Show in our NEW HOME, at Vipavska 13 in Rožna dolina, Nova Gorica.

Semester show will be at 19 December from 6-9pm.

What’s up? 

Much of the fall semester was marked by the Pixxelpoint Festival, curated by our own prof. dr. Peter Purg. Thus, in those days, a symposium and a MAST workshop were held, and two more workshops – Hacking slot machines in co-mentoring with Slavko GlamočaninMapping the Border under the auspices of Adriart.ce network were co-mentored by prof. Olivera Batajić Sretenović from the University of Arts in Belgrade, prof. dr. Allan Siegel from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and prof. Rene Rusjan from UNG Academy of Arts. In collaboration with the Animateka Festival, the animated film and game author Michael Frei held a workshop with aniamtion students. 

In the week before the exhibition the eMinds Workshop where 30 students and mentors from 8 countries face exciting challenges of the European future at the xDiamond Creative Practices Center in Nova Gorica. At the Slovenian Film Festival, Sandra Jovanovska received the Sharpening of the View Award. Her film Soma also received the DSAF Award for a finished film, while the DSAF Award for project in Development also went to our student, Anja Resman and her puppet stop motion The Mask. Students Matija Ternovec and Denis Perčič received the MFRU Maribor Festival Scholarship Award.