This summer we will present student works in Nova Gorica, Topolò, Izola and elsewhere. We look forward to working with a variety of partners, in multiple locations. Greetings from the future are destined to stop first at the new hub of creative practices in the center of Nova Gorica, in Ekscenter from June 22 – 30. Some students will get a taste of the exhibition rush here for the first time. Some will present their films in Stazione Topolò on July 4. In the end of summer we meet at Isola Cinema Film Festival. And some have already presented their works at the Museum Summer Night at the Centre for Creativity in Ljubljana. We invite you warmly to all events near you as also to have a look at our online show which will be on display from June 22.

>> ONLINE ANNUAL SHOW 2020-2021: <<

Avtor: analogna fotografija Luke Carlevarisa

Greetings from the Future I | 22. – 30. 6. 2021
Ekscenter | Delpinova 20, Nova Gorica
oPENING 22.6. 18.00 – 21.00 (if circumstances allow)
Review selection of students works – photography, AV works.

Greetings from the Future II | 4. 7. 2021
Postaja Topolove | Stazione di Topolò
Prgramme of documentary films made at workshop with Ludovica Faes and Tomas Sheridan in April.

Greetings from the Future III | 25. – 29. 8. 2021
International Film Festival Kino Otok | Galerija Salsaverde, Izola
Selected photography works.

This time, we were no longer particularly concerned with the ‘community at the time of the corona virus’. But this has been a part of our reality for the second year in a row, and whether you like it or not, it is here, even in student work, as it has become a part of our lives. A documentary workshop with one mentor in Rome and another in Edinburgh, with a few students in the Goriška region and individuals in various parts of Slovenia, Europe, the Balkans, Ukraine, Iran and Pakistan, lost the opportunity to work in film crews in the field. But it gained another experience of participants in different locations, in different cultures, working on a joint film. Photos, new media projects, animations. Life goes on. We want closeness, travel, team work. We do not want masks, tests and vaccines to become our new normal. However, all this is a part of life and is also reflected in the creative work of students,” says programme director of School of Arts, prof. Rene Rusjan.