Call for entries: 1 August 2023

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The brief course is tailored for beginners to introduce them to simple cinematics in UE Sequencer. This process will set them free to explore the world of real-time rendering in Unreal Engine and game engines in general. After the course, participants will be able to create their own shorts and cinematics in this technique.

Results of the course:

– Participants will be able to explain to their friends what “Real-time rendering in the game engine” means.
– They will be able to create simple animations in Sequencer.
– They will be able to manipulate the lights, cameras, and objects and combine prefabricated animations with keyframed animation.
– If there is time and need, participants will learn how to retarget animation from one character to another.
– They will obtain a strong understanding of the levels, sub-levels, light scenarios and similar terms from the game development world, that are important for cinematics.
– As a bonus, they will be able to create the whole level / cinematic set from the beginning with the help of Quixel Megascans.

Entry level:
Beginners with basic knowledge of computers and any 3D software..

With this knowledge participants can do these practical tasks in the future:

– Create simple cinematics
– Create complex CGI animation
– Create set extensions for stop motion
– Create a Layout for any type of film
– Work as a beginner in a game development studio, on lights, level creation, cinematics

Info & prijava

Dates: 19 – 21 September
Location: Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Number of accepted participants: 8-10
Participation fee: 300,00 €
Accommodation and meals are included. Participants need to cover their travel costs.
Call for entries: 1 August 2023

Please send your application to info@dsaf.si and add:

– Short CV
– Motivational letter for attending the workshop (up to 1 page)


Mladen Đukić is an animator/director/producer. In 2008, he started AeonProduction. He has produced and directed 11 shorts, 7 animated. Directed numerous TV shows and many ads. Co-founded film festival and was a jury member at many others. He’s teaching animation at the Academy of Arts. Animacikl.com. Family man. Sails.



Slovene Animated Film Association – DSAF and University of Nova Gorica School of Arts.
Supported by GO!25, Nova Gorica/Gorizia European Capital of Culture 2025.