The student forum Fest Anča 2023 is part of the famous international festival of animated film Fest Anča (from June 29 – July 2, 2023, in Žilina, Slovakia), where all participants – students, teachers, animators, producers, distributors and festival organizers – can meet, discuss, share ideas and be part of the film festival at the same time. The student forum, which this year lasted from June 27 to July 2, wanted to show that different approaches can smoothly complement each other and enrich all participants with new knowledge. The aim of this meeting is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience in the teaching of animation and at the same time to cultivate organic cooperation and relationships between schools. The organizers believe that the future of European animation lies in the capable and creative hands of schools and their students. More about the forum here.

At the student forum and the international festival FestAnča 2023, seven bachelor students participated (Zofia Maria Komac, Filip Kosmač, Jan Svenšek, Neda Ivanović, Melita Sandrin, Karin Likar, Domen Sajovic) and one master’s student (Dragana Stanković) and mentors Kolja Saksida and Tina Smrekar. There, the UNG Academy of Arts presented itself with a selected program of animated films by our students.

The Student Forum offers participating schools and students the opportunity to present themselves, their work and ideas, promote new talent, establish new and exciting collaborations, meet industry experts and learn from each other. The four-day program includes many activities: presentations, lectures, screenings, networking and much more (even a special “speed dating” event).