Inspired by Pier Paolo Pasolini, great artist and icon of Italian cinema, the students of the UNG School of Arts have created an exhibition of photographic works under the title PASOLINI REVISITED, which will be on display at the Magazin Gallery in Idrija.

Photo by Renee Stanič

Opening 09. November at 18:00h in Magazin Gallery, Idrija, Slovenia

NOV 01, 2022
NOV 10, 2022

Authors: Milena Brkić, Tamara Kirina, Anastasija Kojić, Arta Kroni, Ana Logar, Martin Lozej, Primož Lukežič, Luka Mavrič, Kristian Petrovčič, Una Savić, Renee Stanič, Staš Zupanc.

Mentor of the photography exhibition: Tanja Verlak
Concept and realization: Rene Rusjan, Rok Govednik, Urša Bonelli, Tina Smrekar
Production: UNG Academy, Idrija City Library, Institute GO! 2025 – European capital of culture, Nova Gorica

Photo by Luka Mavrič
Photo by Tamara Kirina

With this exhibition, as the School of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica, we are joining the
celebration of the birthday of the great Italian cultural and political icon, Pier Paolo Pasolini, who would have turned 100 this year. Students of the first and second study level of photography and video film through their own photo creations think about Pasolini as a poet, filmmaker and as an artist who was torn between religion, entertainment and left-wing politics. In getting to know this creator, we collaborated with Majda Širca, a well-versed in Italian film and wider Italian culture, who gave an overview lecture at the academy, and we also watched some of Pasolini’s films, especially Mamma Roma (1962). The mentor of the photo workshop was Tanja Verlak, who wrote about the exhibition:

We tend to think about the world in terms of is. Being certain about its presence we say, ‘that which is, is that which exists.’ There is no need to question the obvious, evident world as it gives itself to us. If we see a man, there is a man and if we see a flame, there is one. Such a direct, phenomenological proximity is at the heart of photographic images. However, seeing a tree in the distance, for instance, or even walking around it, one does not see the line separating the tree from the ground and the sky but one constructs it intellectually. Knowing how to look in this sense is a means of inventing. The rational distinction or separation between what we see in the world and what we imagine in our minds tends to disappear and the line between the real and the imaginary suddenly seems more imaginary than real.

In the photo workshop, students summarized a film frame or story segment and explored it
through a series of photographs. We introduced the methodology of art research.

The exhibition will be open to the public on all working days between 16:00-19:00 until (including) 30. November.

Photo by Primož Lukezič
Photo by Anastasija Kojić

NOVEMBER 15, 2022

On November 9, we successfully opened our exhibition in Idrija! Other students of the UNG Academy of Arts came to the opening and we all enjoyed viewing the exhibited works!

Feel the atmosphere by viewing some photos from the event (November 9, 2022, Magazin gallery, Idrija):

Photos by Una Savić