For the third year in a row, the company A-media has donated financial resources to the Foundation of the University of Nova Gorica in order to support selected students of the undergraduate and master’s programs of the UNG Academy of Arts. The Foundation of the University of Nova Gorica awards the received donor funds every year as a prize to that student of the Academy of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica who, in addition to high-quality work as part of their studies, significantly connects students and the social environment through their activities.

The company A-media, d. o. o. in memory of its co-founder Jožko Markič, who with his work greatly influenced the development of film in the Goriška region of Slovenia, annually donates financial resources to the Foundation of the University of Nova Gorica for the development of young artistic creativity in this region.

Meet the award recipients for the academic year 2021/2022

The Foundation of the University of Nova Gorica awarded two students for the academic year 2021/22:
Ana Logar and Anastasija Kojić

Ana Logar is a creative student of the Bachelor’s programme in Digital Arts and Practices with a background and diploma in the field of media production. This gave her a good technical foundation, and Ana wanted to upgrade her prior knowledge in a creative direction, so she enrolled at the UNG Academy of Arts – directly in the second year. She immediately showed her inexhaustible energy and threw herself fully into academic and creative challenges. At the same time, she selflessly supported the film crews of her colleagues with her technical background and exchanged creative views on joint work with them. Ana Logar’s name can be found on the lists of participants of many optional workshops, individual and group projects, as well as in the recording crews of theatre performances, which she visits whenever she has a break between her studies. Due to her ‘hyperactivity’ – in a positive sense, of course, we almost forgot that she has only been for a good year with us. She deserves the Jožko Markič award because of the quality of her creative work and because of her work within the student community.

Anastasija Kojić is a student of the Master’s programme in Media Arts and Practices, who graduated in photography at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. At the Academy of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica, she is studying the core module of Contemporary Art Practices. Her current medium is space, which she recreates in spatial installations with the help of analog and digital techniques. Anastasia also meets the second requirement of the award, ‘feeling for people and community’. The topics that excite her are social and environmental protection – her installations include reflections on the position of women, pollution, and the future of the world. Last year, she also actively connected, supported, encouraged, represented and even defended her micro-community within master’s students.

Photos by Una Savić