Photo: Luka Carlevaris

me ∞ we

University of Nova Gorica School of Arts students’ exhibition
Gallery Obrat, Trg revolucije 9, 2000 Maribor
28. 3. – 30. 4. 2024
Opening: 28. 3. 2024 at 18.00

Authors of works in gallery: Tamara Taskova (Cycle fragments), Anastasija Kojić (Grey spaces, 5472, Thread), Ana Logar (5472), Luka Carlevaris (Micro need for speed), Tamara Kostrevc (Littering and Echoing shadows), Lazar Mihajlović (Littering and Echoing shadows)
Authors of film worksl: Ana Prebil (Smoker’s delight), Larisa Nagode (Elsie), Katarina Blažič (5 hours converstaiton), Miha Reja (Kurent), Nika Karner (A bone to pick with), Melita Sandrin (Parediolia), Tamara Taskova (Chill Stacy, chill), Toma Kirina (I reflect), Amadeja Kirbiš (Dismorphy), Anja Paternoster (White, black and true love), Ivana Kalc (Time is a physical dimension)
UNG School of Arts Support: Rene RusjanRobertina ŠebjaničJasna HribernikKolja SaksidaTimon LederRok GovednikUrša BonelliTina SmrekarBoštjan Potokar

A reflection on oneself and on us in the world. With a great attention to community, to the present and to a shared future, but through the individual stories that the students interweave, searching for their role in the world, sometimes with fear, but empowered in their exploration through mutual collaboration.
The view on the ownership of the planet is changing, and with it on nature, people, ideas, technology, the view on society and the individual in it. We reflect on this through a selection of student works that question social and environmental topics, artificial intelligence, thinking about a future without people, as well as through intimate reflections on identities, gender, the strength and fragility of the individual.
The exhibition invites the visitor to a whispering sound-light landscape of works that invite reflection… about a distant time of the Earth without people, but with remnants inhabited by new cultures, fungi. These grow from books (specifically from the scientific encyclopedia of physics)… about us NOW, about the discomfort that overwhelms us in front of the world, the future, the unknown, about the feeling of helplessness and at the same time with trust in the community of beings on the planet… about concrete solutions, with the desire to survive through connection… and also invites us to a quiet, intimate moment in the midst of the common space, to a boudoir with plants and a multitude of cyclical tempos, which are continuously generated by the installation of animated video moments.
The exhibited works were created in the academic year 2022/23 in the research workshops ‘Futurama’, ‘Time and Space in the Moving Image’, ‘The Power of Women’s Blood’ and as personal study projects. Much of the selection presented here was premiered at the Ars Electronica 2023 festival.
The accompanying program of animated films consists of a selection from several years of production of animated films created in the regular animation program.